The Importance of a Home Inspection

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The Importance of a Home Inspection

Almost two in five existing homes suffer from some type of major defect. According to the Realty Times, these types of defects could cost you, the buyer, as much as $15,000 to repair. As a home buyer, it is incredibly important to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs by investing in a home inspection before you buy that home of your dreams. Especially if you are looking at purchasing a home built more than 40-50 years ago. It takes a qualified professional to know exactly what and where to look for defects, or near future expenses. Not only will a qualified home inspector save you money in the long run, but many banks and mortgage lenders require an inspection as part of the home buying process.

Take a look at these inspection tips so you know what to look for during the process:

Mold and Mildew

Damp basements and crawlspaces, oh my! Some of the hottest topics in a home inspection are mold and mildew; specifically black mold because of it’s toxicity. Moisture also deteriorates building structure and attracts insects. Your home inspector may use a meter to test the air to determine just how much moisture is present. If black mold is present, you can request professional mold remediation from the seller… or run for the hills!


Your inspector will check the water pressure of the home, run the dishwasher, and check the septic system. Look for leaks or drainage issues. Again, you can add any repairs to a list for the seller as a part of your buying conditions.


The deterioration of roof shingles is one of the first things a home buyer or home inspector will notice. The health of a roof is so important to the overall health of a home’s structure that some states even require a separate roof inspection altogether.

Electrical Systems

Especially in older homes, inspecting electrical systems is essential. It is actually very common for homeowners to do repairs or updates themselves, which are almost always not up to code. These can be very dangerous and costly to repair. Your inspector should check the electrical panel and circuit breaker configurations to make sure that they are sufficient for the size and needs of the home.

Overall Home Maintenance

Detailed categories like plumbing and electrical systems are very important but it is also essential to look at the home as a whole. Deferred maintenance of individual projects by the previous owners, especially in an older home, adds up. This presents a potential high cost situation for the new buyer to bring the home back into overall good condition.

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