DIY Laundry Room Upgrades

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Much time is spent in our laundry rooms but, many times, not enough care is given to the layout! There are so many easy DIY hacks you can get done in even just a weekend to make your laundering much more enjoyable. Take a look at these great ideas we’ve put together to give your clothes washing a lift!


A must for your laundry room is good shelving above your washer and dryer. Make sure it is sturdy enough to hold your industrial sized detergent and fabric softener! Many of us simply store our detergents, etc, on our washer and dryer and call it a day. Shelving protects your machinery from soap drips and spills, as well as protecting your eyes from seeing too much clutter. Keeping your spaces clean and organized can help a boring task like laundry go more smoothly.

Change Jar

Ever find spare change in pockets when doing the laundry? Make a special place for a small mason jar and plunk all that change you find right in there. After a while, small change adds up!

Sorting Station

Hot, cold, colors, whites, dress shirts, and socks!! There are so many types of clothing to keep track of when doing your laundry. Have some designated laundry baskets labeled for whites, colors, or even your delicates and things that must be hand washed. Having a table below which you can store these designated baskets could save you from accidentally dropping a red sock in your whites and making the whole load pink!

Lonely Socks

Are you constantly losing socks in the wash? It always seems that when you finally find the mate you have misplaced the first one! Set up a little clothesline on which you can pin those lonely socks who have lost their mate. That way, when you do find the matching one, you always know where to find your lonely ones.

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