Budget Friendly Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is a space in which people gather often, making it a space for which you should care. Keeping up your appliances, cleaning and repairing them, as well as caring for your floors and furniture is very important. Even after all the tender loving care you bestow on your kitchen, your space could probably still use an update after a few years. Fully remodeling can be incredibly expensive, so here are some ways to do some inexpensive updates that will bring a fresh look to your kitchen!

Add Artwork

Pieces of artwork on the walls of your kitchen can change the entire feel and vibe of your space. Thoughtfully choose pieces that will align with the ethos you wish for your kitchen. Cool blue tones for a calming sense, or exciting reds and oranges to bring life and energy to the room. Add a hand towel to match and you’ve got yourself a whole new kitchen!

A Colorful Mat

The floor of a room can easily be overlooked. Adding a colorful mat on the floor by your sink or in front of the refrigerator can make a nice impact and really lift the room. You could even match this new rug with your new artwork and towels from the previous idea! 

Display Your Kitchenware

Make your pots, pans, and utensils the artwork! Create places to hang your nice pots and pans, or display your utensils in decorative containers on your counters.

Install Some Shelving

Installing shelving on your kitchen walls can free up space on your countertops, or it can make room for candles or other decorative pieces. Choose white painted wood or bare, rustic boards for a different feel.

A Desk Lamp As Counter Lighting

The overhead lighting of your kitchen can be rather harsh, and lighting can really make a difference in the feel of a room. Grab an antique lamp with an intricate lampshade, or a modern office desk lamp for your kitchen countertops. Fun, experimental, and can add soft lighting to the room.

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