2017 Top Kitchen Trends

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. We gather, entertain, and connect with each other in our kitchens. We cook, read the paper, and play with play-doh in our kitchens. It is a space for creation as well as relaxation. Here are the top trends for 2017 to elevate your sacred space to make it that much more nourishing.

Darker Floors

A darker flooring will make anything pop. It brings drama and a sense of grounding, and might even hide some of that dropped play-doh. If you do choose a dark floor, pair it with lighter cabinetry and walls. Keep reading for a fabulous pairing…

Gray, Gray, Gray

Head to your nearest home improvement store and there really are 50 shades of gray; probably more! There are grays with blue, green, or even purple undertones. It may sound like a sad and boring choice, but there are so many directions you could take your gray.


Go Industrial

Make your range hood the star of the room with some copper sheeting. Open shelving is still on trend, as well, so look up some great DIY ideas for pipes and rivets to fancy it up.


Reclaimed Wood

Millennials love their reclaimed wood: bars, islands, long tables, etc. If you love this look, pecky cypress is the wood for you! While a quite silly name, pecky cypress is a type of wood that has a very grainy texture due to its narrow burrows or cavities. Think outside the box and use some slats for open shelving or even to cover your range hood.


Flat Black

Stainless steel has been the winner for the last several years, but a new look is on the horizon. Black appliances are making their entrance and are a sleek addition, especially to a smaller kitchen. Several stainless steel appliances have the potential to dominate a smaller space with their silvery shine. Black, while still elegant, will not overwhelm your kitchen.

Big Splash!

The backsplash is always a go-to for updating a kitchen or bathroom. Tiny tiles are cute but why not go big when pairing with your industrial theme? Thicker white or gray tiles for your backsplash are cool, calming, and trendy. Go really big and take them all the way up to the ceiling!

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